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Have you heard the one about the homeschooling family that lives on less than $22K a year in an area that costs above 100% (116%) of the National CoL Index?

I haven't quite figured out why so many people still persist in perpetuating the myth that living on a single income and homeschooling on a dime aren't possible. I can only suppose these are people who can't imagine life without a daily trip to Starbucks and dinner out several times a week. The people who actually shop at malls (*shudder*) and think "Brand Name = Best". The people who really live by the "Keeping up with the Joneses" mentality.

That? Would not be us!

Welcome to our world. We cook from scratch. Buy from thrift stores. Find 95% of our homeschool materials for free. This is my blog and this is how we do it.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Kids in the kitchen.

Although I do not include any "home-ec" classes per se in my curriculum, I have been teaching my kids many of the things I wish I'd learned as I was growing up. Because seriously, I've used trigonometry how many times since college? Uh....

But I cook every day. And I want to make sure my kids know how to cook as well. For the most part, I just have them help me with the recipes we already use, but if you're interested in teaching cooking more like a class, I have a few sources you might be find useful.

EATING WELL MADE EASY - these are pdf publications from the University of Utah's county extension office.

COOKING WITH KIDS - scroll past the google ads.

KIDS COOKING LESSONS - probably the best of the 3 I've listed, as far as organization, details, and explanations. This also includes some dinner etiquette lessons and kitchen safety rules. Broken down by age groups. As these are presented as "lessons", you could implement this into a full home-economics program/elective.

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