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Have you heard the one about the homeschooling family that lives on less than $22K a year in an area that costs above 100% (116%) of the National CoL Index?

I haven't quite figured out why so many people still persist in perpetuating the myth that living on a single income and homeschooling on a dime aren't possible. I can only suppose these are people who can't imagine life without a daily trip to Starbucks and dinner out several times a week. The people who actually shop at malls (*shudder*) and think "Brand Name = Best". The people who really live by the "Keeping up with the Joneses" mentality.

That? Would not be us!

Welcome to our world. We cook from scratch. Buy from thrift stores. Find 95% of our homeschool materials for free. This is my blog and this is how we do it.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Friday Five for Free (5)

If you're around my age, you may recall those old television commercials that ran when we were children where people were encouraged to send away for free information booklets from the government, and the address to mail our requests was in Pueblo, Colorado.

What you might not know, is you can still do that, only now, you can find the information on-line. No really. They even use "pueblo" in the URL. :)

Here are five booklets worth ordering, downloading, or reading on-line. (More in full post.)

1) 2007 CONSUMER ACTION HANDBOOK - "This everyday guide to being a smart shopper is chocked full of helpful tips about buying a car or home, preventing identity theft, understanding credit, resolving problems after a purchase, and much more. In the 2007 edition, you'll find new information about filing for bankruptcy, finding a lawyer, and planning a funeral, along with many other useful topics."

2) HANDS ON BANKING - "Money skills you need for life. Customized instruction in English and Spanish for four age groups, from 4th grade through adult. Adults curriculum is a valuable resource for success in personal money management, includes special sections on buying a home, investing, and starting and managing a small business. Curriculum for school-age students meets or exceeds national education standards for math, literacy, and economics. Available free to the public on CD-ROM, the Internet, and printed curriculum."

3) START SMART: MONEY MANAGEMENT FOR TEENS - discusses saving, spending, borrowing, and more.

4) TAKING THE MYSTERY OUT OF RETIREMENT PLANNING - Even though this is "designed for people who are about 10 years away for retirement" - don't let that stop you if you are younger than the target age group. Learning as much as you can about retirement planning now, no matter how far off it may actually be, can only help you in the long run.

5) SIMPLE STRATEGIES FOR MANAGING YOUR MONEY - "Be Prepared, Be Informed, Be in Charge"



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